Middle of the Hill

Middle Of The Hill
Middle Of The Hill

Heathfield SA

Located in the Adelaide Hills, Heathfield is surrounded by national park, orchards and vineyards. The original home (1960s) has had several alterations and additions over the years before our client purchased the property. Opting to start with a fresh canvas, our client wanted a textural palette of stone, brick, timber and steel.

Our brief was to engage, enhance and expand on the natural beauty of the property. The house has two distinct halves which are tied together via a classic timber and glass pavilion. The aesthetic is drawn from the existing rural structures surrounding the home mixed with the famous South Australia blue stone heritage homes.  Our client had great vision for the whole property and was eager for the home to tie everything together.

A new entry gate, tree lined avenue, pool and contemporary walled garden are highlights in the truly holistic approach to creating a place to live. 

This house focussed on a zero carbon footprint and energy efficient existence. The very nature of the site, with the best views out to the West and sitting atop a hill meant clever shielding and screening was needed to help the home perform in extreme South Australian summers.

The design of the home echoes a reworking of Australian architecture vernaculars, timber louvres, elevated form and pitched corrugated iron roofs. It is a representation of our firms love for Australia’s master architects that have gone before us and inspired us.