Top Off House


Walkerville, SA

Inspired by the beautiful panoramic view of the Adelaide Hills and the greater Adelaide Plains, the project is arranged around the axes of its views and volumes allowing each zone to take advantage of it’s enviable location.

The concept of the project was to reinvent an existing colonial residence into a contemporary sleek box. The polished concrete floors and rough timber ceilings continue the architectural presence of the exterior cladding blurring the inside with the outside. The spacious and volumetric approach is inspired by the abstract and Cubist artwork of Georges Vantongerlo, a personal favourite of our client.

The project uses strong architectural sensitivity and qualities in a private residential  context. Restrained by the form of the existing residence, the textural architectonic approach corresponds to the rough and ready needs of the clients young family. The walls and floor are finished in the same material to rigorous detail as this results in a sober and textural appearance.  The material selection is a reflection of the tones and colours of the surround hills.

From the beginning of the design process we were focused on mixing texture and tone to create an elegant and simplistic architecture perfected in the fine details.